I have a small show kennel of Chihuahuas in the beautiful Ozark Hills.  I breed to the AKC standard to raise my own show Chihuahuas. I only have a few litters a year. Since only 1 Chihuahua puppy in 10 may be just the right quality for show, the others, when spayed or neutered make wonderful loving companions for people and families who just want a high quality, champion pedigree pet that they can be proud of.

     My Chihuahuas are very spunky and hardly little dogs for their tiny size, they are also very loving and sensitive to the moods of their families. They can be easily taken with you anywhere and are very good little watch dogs, they are very protective of you and always alert to new sounds and situations. I breed especially for good health as well as good looks, both Long Haired and Short Haired varieties in all colors. I occasionally have 2# teacups, but mostly in the range of 3 to 5 pounds. Most have nice apple heads and a few the older deer head style. 

     My companion puppies range from $650 to $950 - the highest for the tiniest teacups.  Inquire about show or breeder quality, since I don't raise very many and I have first choice for show quality! Show/breeder quality starts around $1200. I have a 1 year genetic health guarantee/sales agreement that needs to be read and signed by future Chihuahua owners, to make sure their Chihuahua puppy has the best of care.

     I always try to update this site when I have new puppies or older puppies and adults available and try to show them as they grow. I also have detailed information about health care and feeding of Chihuahuas.  I have pictures of my parents and show dogs. Thanks for looking at my site for Dogwood-Lane Chihuahuas.